St Mary's Court Care Home, Braintree, Essex

Survey of residents and relatives 2015

By 10th July, 2015 News Comments Off

In our most recent Residents and Relatives Survey, St Mary’s Court and neighbouring The New Deanery scored top marks for providing a caring service. Everyone who completed the survey, commissioned by Sonnet Care Homes and undertaken by an independent company, also said we were effective in meeting our residents’ needs and that we provided support when needed and professional care.

The survey, undertaken in May 2015, reported that ‘The positive feeling, especially among residents, to care, efficiency and responsiveness are a measure of how well the staff and management have focused on the quality of care in 2015’. The improvement in results shown below are compared to October 2014 which is shown in brackets.


  • Are we caring – 100% Yes (up 4%)
  • Do you find us to be effective in meeting your relative’s needs – 100% Yes (up 11%)
  • Do you believe we provide care which is safe, within a safe environment – 98% Yes (up 3%)
  • Do we respect your privacy, dignity and confidentiality – 92% Yes (up 19%)
  • Do you receive professional care (definitely or to some extent) – 100% Yes (same)
  • Do we provide you with support when needed (definitely or to some extent) – 100% Yes (same)
  • Is the home well led – 94% Yes (up 16%)


  • Are the staff willing and able to help you – residents 100% Yes (same)
  • Do they provide assistance with eating if required – residents 100% Yes (same)
  • Are you made to feel welcome when you visit – Relatives 100% Yes (same)
  • Plus overall results for residents and relatives who say the following areas are ‘Good or better’ – Kindness and respectfulness of the staff (98%, up 2%), overall level of comfort (98%, up 13%), housekeeping services (96%, up 18%), comfort of communal areas (96%, up 15%)


  • Are the activities provided sufficient and varied – relatives 100% Yes (up 25%)
  • Do the activities provided keep you sufficiently occupied – residents 96% Yes (up 32%)

Thank you to everyone who took time to give us feedback. The survey was undertaken by HWA Consulting.